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Luca Goes To Camp

Luca goes to camp

Today Luca came home from camp. He headed off on Wednesday with his sleeping bag and suitcase and got on the bus with all his mates and didn’t look back and with that, another major milestone toward independence was reached.

He may have taken a few extras with him: Kieran (one of his behavioural therapists) a box of hearing equipment (including batteries, cleaning tool, waterproof aids for showering, microphone units, chargers etc), daily medications, a spare sleeping bag lined with a mattress protector, a luggage bag full of continence products such as nappies, overpants and inserts for overnight, lots of spare undies and extra changes of clothes. The kitchen had been advised of his dietary restrictions (due to his kidney failure), bedding arrangements had been carefully planned with staff to ensure night time continence assistance was discreet.

Meetings were held at school to discuss logistics of Luca’s extra requirements, the contents of his suitcase were carefully bagged and labelled and lists and instructions printed.
………. but he went to camp!

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