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Regrow A Kidney

Regrow a Kidney

Regrow a Kidney Program Fundraiser

In 2023, we joined forces with the Afl Global giving campaign to raise funds for: Murdoch Children’s Research Institute – MCRI,  specifically for their Kidney Regeneration Team and the “REGROW A KIDNEY” project.

We hope this research will, one day soon, provide stem cell-derived kidney tissue as an alternative treatment to dialysis and human donor organs for end-stage kidney failure.

Brilliant minds and huge hearts. After the fundraiser, we attended the Kidney Research Flagship “Meet the Scientists” event, where we got to hear first-hand from the research team about the groundbreaking work they are doing in the field of stem cell biology and kidney regeneration.

How lucky are we to have professionals of this calibre in our hometown leading the world in research to improve the life outcomes of children and adults living with kidney failure.

With your help, we were able to donate $1600 to the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute – MCRI  “regrow a kidney” program.

Check out this video for more info:

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